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Rally & Competition News for 2019

A decision was made by USPC leadership to require parents of minors to give written permission for their children to compete on the same team with a senior member (formerly horsemaster) for any regional or national competition.  This applies to riding and stable manager team members.  The written permission may be on the attached form or an email from parents including the following:

name and age of minor

name and date of rally

name(s) of senior team member(s) with whom the minor will compete

parent/guardian's full name & acknowledgement of their permission  

When DCs or CAs make teams for regional rallies, he/she (or their club or center designee) will be responsible for obtaining written parent permission if there is a mix of juniors and seniors on one team.  If a regional rally organizer needs to make changes to submitted teams that require mixing junior and senior members, he/she will seek parent permission needed.  Any regional scramble player for USPC Championships may be placed with seniors; we will need this same permission when submitting championship teams and partial teams where this may apply.

Please note, this permission is not needed when teams of juniors and seniors mix in a rally; it's only when members of one team are a mix of juniors and seniors.